Best Diaper Pail Reviews for 2018

Changing diapers has got to be the least favorite thing about taking care of a baby. But it is something that needs to be done several times a day. Getting rid of those smelly diapers is no picnic either so finding the right baby diaper pail can make a big difference.

The right diaper pail can make diaper duty less of a chore. The type of diaper pail you will want to use depends on whether you are using cloth diapers or disposables. Cloth diapers users now prefer a lined plastic pail where you put used and rinsed diapers until wash day. The disposable diaper pail is also plastic and may have special odor control features. No matter which type or style of diaper pail you purchase, the recommendations suggest dumping the hard waste into the toilet before depositing the diaper into the pail, even with disposable diaper, helps cut down on the odor. Once you answer of which type of diaper to use, cloth or disposable, you’ll be able to find the right baby diaper pail.

They all carry information labels warning about the safety of young children around diaper pails, remember, the plastic liners are a suffocation hazard, the water in a soaking pail is a drowning hazard, and a child who falls in may not be able to get out. So when you go comparison shopping always look for a strong, secure lid to keep the curious little fingers out. Some even come with child resistant lids.

Types of Diaper Pail

Safety 1st Diaper Pail

Safety First Diaper PailWhen trying to buy a Safety 1st diaper pail or any other type of disposal bin for that matter, what should you look for? One of the main issues with dirty diapers is odor.

Odor control is a top priority, because let’s face it. You do not want your home to smell and who really has the time to run outside to throw out a dirty diaper several times a day.

You are a busy parent and that can get tiring, so you need convenience and you need the bin to do its job.

Does Safety First do the job?

You decide after reading the features it offers. You can also check out what many customers have said about it right here.

If odor control is what you want then you need a good bin to help. The Safety 1st diaper pail works to keep the odors at bay.

How Big Is It?

It comes with a flip down lid and then you have an easy access foot pedal so that you can open up the pail without using your hands.

Something worth mentioning is that the Safety 1st is not very tall. So if you are a tall person take that into consideration.

This can be a very convenient feature since it means you won’t have to touch the bin with the dirty diaper in your hand. The less you touch other objects the better until you are all finished changing the baby.

You will find a deodorizer compartment where you can keep the pail smelling as fresh as possible. The lid also locks in place so you will not have to worry about any little ones opening this up accidentally

You will be surprised to know that you can also use a standard trash bag on the Safety 1st Diaper Pail.

This can make it easier on you so you won’t have to worry about constantly having refills on hand or worse yet, running out of refills.

Product Features

  • Comes with a built in deodorizer compartment
  • Lid locks in place
  • Uses standard trash bags
  • Foot pedal to open lid


Cloth Diper Pail

Cloth diaper pail are plastic pails and  that eliminate the stench of diapers .  Since diapers can cause an odor in normal trash cans, it is suggested to store them and dispose of them in a manner that will retain the smell. Many folks have found a variety of other uses for cloth diaper pails such as using it for a  traditional trash can for dorm residents, for traveling, or even as a rag can in the garage or on the boat. A cloth diaper pail acts as  a device that retains ill matter on where used cloth diapers are stored with no rinsing or standing water. Diapers are simply tossed in the pail and stay there until disposed of.

Diaper Pail Best for Cloth DiaperDirty diapers stink there is no way around it, but with most cloth diaper pails you can outfit them with many different types of deodorizers. Many parents shake cloth diapers over the toilet to get rid of any loose waste before putting them in the cloth bag. Simply rinsing them in the toilet with a good shake will help reduce odors and avoid ugly stains. Todays washing machines are capable of thoroughly washing out messes contained in the diaper and in these convenient storage pails one can maintain hygiene. Odor control is one of the main concerns parents have when choosing a particular style. A sprinkle of baking soda or a dryer sheet placed in the bottom of the pail can be a cheap yet effective method of controlling odors. For some parents, using a small cloth sprinkled with their favorite scent has proven to be just the thing to keep the nursery smelling good.

Waterproof bags are great for transporting diapers from the pail to the washing machine.  Smaller sized diaper cloth liners that can go in these cans , which are water proof, can be used as an effective way of storing a wet diaper while out you are away from home, just seal it and store it in a pocket of the diaper bag until you get home.

Many brands of diaper pails also offer a variety of cloth liners to match. These cloth diaper pails come in many different sizes to fit any type of diaper pail.  The choice of colors and styles vary as well. Convenient draw sting or elastic bands across the top of the bag keep the liner closed securely inside the pail. Finding the product that works well for you may take some trial and error. Cloth diaper pails can also be used with any style of liner or even a traditional trash can bag.

You can have the ease and convenience most parents are looking for in choosing which pail to use by choosing one that is scented.  Clearly any cloth diaper pail is the  better choice as it will retain the smell and give the convenience that most parents cherish. Cloth diapers pails are washable and reusable. They certainly are easier to use than some other trash cans that will not work as effectively.

Prices vary according to size of the pail and by brand and can be found wherever diapers are sold.  Sales and coupons can be found on the Web as well as weekly newspaper ads. Reviews for most diaper pails rate this product high indeed.

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