Best Kitchen Sink Reviews: Materials, Brand & Type

The kitchen has always been the focal point of every house. From the time you wake up and up to the time before you go to sleep, you never fail to pass by it. The countless talks, endless cooking and scrumptious foods—all of these were shared in the comforts of your kitchen.

If there’s one kitchen fixture that greatly contributes to a kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic appearance, it would have to be the kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink is virtually part of every activity in the kitchen, like cooking and preparing the food, washing the dishes, cleaning the fruits and vegetables, and occasionally bathing your baby in it. You can see how big is the role of your kitchen sink in your daily living and that’s why it’s so important to choose the right one for you.

Kitchen sinks can be classified according to its mounting: the surface mount and the undermount. The surface mount kitchen sinks have rims that are easily seen on the surface of the countertop while the undermount type is placed underneath the counter so the rims are not visible.

If you’re worrying about the design of a kitchen sink, you really don’t have to feel that way because there are countless kitchen fixture manufacturers out there that produce a wide range of high grade sinks that also varies in design. All you need to do is to choose one that fits your kitchen design and budget.

Nowadays, stainless steel is the prevalent material used in making kitchen sinks. The stainless steel kitchen sink is very durable –usually from gauge 15 to gauge 18—and are very sleek and gives off a professional look that will fit right in to any contemporary kitchen. But, if you want a more country-style ambiance, you should go for fireclay kitchen sinks. This type of sink is made to withstand the intense temperature of your kitchen. Copper and brass kitchen sinks are ideal if you want a more antique and chic look to your kitchen—also, it is highly stain and discoloration resistant. Other material used for kitchen sinks are porcelain, granite, and acrylic.

Bar sinks is another kitchen fixture that’s widely used to create a distinctive and stylish vibe to your kitchen or bar area. More known to be used in wet bars, bar sinks also serve a variety of functions. These are a fun, creative, and useful fixture that’s a perfect partner to your standard kitchen sink. Typically, they’re smaller in size than your standard kitchen sink and are also made from different materials like stainless steel and fireclay.

Of course, there are also other equipments that are important to have for your kitchen– such equipments or appliances are the garbage disposal system and water cooler (dispenser) unit.

Batch-feed, continuous-feed, and septic tank—these are the three types of garbage disposals that you can choose from. Basically, the batch-feed garbage disposal uses a special sink stopper that needs to be put in place to activate it. Continuous-feed garbage disposals, however, only needs a wall mount switch to operate it. Lastly, the septic tank garbage disposal is only use if you have a specific septic system for this.

If you need a convenient way to have your drinking water cooled or warmed, a water cooler is definitely a must have. Water coolers (dispensers) also come in different types – those that require a water bottle and those that don’t. Other types of water coolers can either be placed on your countertop or it can also be free standing. Whatever it may be, water coolers are a very convenient and healthy way of accessing your drinking water.

As you can see, a kitchen requires a lot of things in it before you can say it’s complete—it may not necessarily need to be overly expensive though. What you really need to do before deciding on anything is to do your research first. A careful and thorough research can be a great money saver. So, we advice you to do your research now if your thinking of doing some kitchen remodeling

What to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Sink

What to consider when buying a kitchen sink

The size and shape:

Sink sizes range from S to XXL, so there’s a model to fit every kitchen. If space is an issue or if you want something really different – a corner sink could provide a stylish solution

How you intend to use the sink:

Many sink units contain different sized bowls and compartments – so you store, clean and drain foods in different areas of the sink at the same time. A useful feature if your a keen cook.

Choose the right mix of sink and tap:

From the traditionally styled to the latest pull-out sprays that allow you to wash items and surfaces outside the main bowl. Blanco options mean you can have the perfect match of tap and sink that meets your particular needs 

in items of design and practicality.

The right bowl and draining area:

Choosing the size of bowl you need all depends on what accessories you use. If you regularly need to wash bulky items, you may need a sink with a larger than average bowl or a draining area which can be flooded to allow large items such as baking trays to soak.

Waste separation:

Waste needn’t mean mess. 

Blanco offer different systems that enable you to conveniently sort waste products 

– which is ideal for separating recyclable waste. 

Each sink can be easily fitted with a waste disposal unit that can simply ‘digest’ most items of food.