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Best Postpartum Girdle Review and Buying Guide

The postpartum girdle is becoming a very popular way of getting back into shape after pregnancy. When you first see your post pregnancy belly you may despair of ever being able to get it back into shape again.

It comes as a great shock to most new mothers, just what your tummy looks like immediately after delivery. But you really can get back into shape and wearing a postpartum girdle can help enormously.  You do have to have a little patience though – this is not going to happen overnight.


Gabrialla Postpartum Body Shaping Girdle-(perfect for after C-Section)

postpartum girdle
The Gabrialla Postpartum Girdle gives you more support on your back and abdomen preventing lower back pains. It is fully recommended by the doctors even after a C-section or any other abdominal surgical procedures, improves your figure and helps bring it back to the pre-pregnancy condition so fast.

Our Girdle has a cotton lining to give you the comfort that you need and prevent your skin in case of allergies and skin irritations. This is a comfortable Girdle that is not visible when worn under clothes. It features a lower opening with additional hooks for easy access and accommodate size changes and hygienic convenience.

This Postpartum Body Shaping Girdle is offered in different sizes to fit different body types. To determine size, please measure hip and waist circumference. It may as well be used to reduce vulvar varicosities or menstrual discomforts which makes it more beneficial.



  • May help relieve menstrual discomfort or even vulvar varicosities
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made with double elastic and a cotton lining for comfort
  • Great for body shaping
  • Strong back and abdominal support

The Gabriella is a very popular postpartum girdle especially for mothers who have had to undergo a delivery by Cesarean section. The girdle is very supportive and comfortable and helps with mobility which makes it fully recommended by the doctors around the globe.

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   Wear a Postpartum Girdle

Postpartum girdles are enjoying a big surge in popularity – and the reason for this is quite simply that they actually do work. The idea of some form of support or binding being worn in the postpartum period is far from new. In many cultures it is a routine practice and has been for many generations. In the Western world it is now no longer widely used but mothers are now returning to it as a way to regain their former shape.

The postpartum girdle works by supporting the abdomen and encouraging the internal organs, which were displaced by the growing fetus, to return to their original positions. This helps to reshape the abdominal area. A postpartum girdle also helps the abdominal muscles to repair by supporting them and keeping them in position.

Do Postpartum Girdles Really Work? 

The answer to this seems to be a very resounding ‘YES’ from women who have used them. The majority report that their post pregnancy belly went back into shape more quickly than they expected and that the results were permanent. Even women using a postpartum girdle for the first time after a  second baby said that they got back into shape more quickly, which does suggest very strongly that they do work and the benefits are real.

C Section Girdle

If you have had a Cesarean Section then your recovery period is going to be that bit longer. Also you will be experiencing discomfort around the incision area. Wearing a postpartum girdle gives support to the incision, keeping it protected and helps it to heal more quickly. The girdle also supports your abdominal and back muscles making it easier to cope with mobility during the recovery period. Many women who have used a postpartum girdle after having a Cesarean Section said that it did help significantly.


Your Ultimate Guide on Picking the Perfect Body Girdle

postpartum girdle

Science tells us that the human body is intricately constructed with muscles, bones and fats being a natural component in the equation. A full womanly body figure has always been seen as a thing of beauty, inspiring different paintings and sculptures to be created celebrating its form. And this is why many women not only aspire for an hourglass figure, but also painstakingly endure different weight loss methods just to have their desired figure. Did you know that there is an easy way to get the body shape you want without suffering any longer? Here is a short guide on picking the perfect body girdle.

Body girdles or shapers have been around for many generations now, allowing new technology and discoveries to dispel those old barbaric ways of the earlier girdles. If long ago, it was just natural for body girdles to cut off air supply, nowadays, the body girdles are very comfortable and easy to wear.

And another piece of good news for all the ladies out there, picking the perfect body girdle for your needs cannot be any easier with the wide variety of choices available for all body types. So whether you want to tone your thighs, or give your bust an added push, there is a body girdle for you. It can reshape any body part and smoothen out any fatty bulge so that you always have that curvy and womanly body you desire and never give you a “muffin top” situation. It’s all about knowing which body part you need to maximize and which body parts you want to minimize.

By picking the perfect body girdle, you’ll seem like you have lost weight instantly as it tightly packs in the extra weight you don’t want other people to be aware of. Not only that, it also can improve bad posture so that you not only look taller and slimmer, but also radiate a certain glow of confidence.

What else are you waiting for? Don’t get left behind in using this beauty secret to your advantage. You need not count your calories or subject yourself to a mind numbing fad diet again. Just by purchasing your very own body girdle suited to fit your desires, you’ll surely be turning heads and hearing compliments in no time.

Not so long ago, it was commonplace for women from all over the world to use some sort of postpartum girdle as a supportive device on their mid-section after delivering a baby. With many physicians and savvy mothers revisiting the wisdom of the past, it’s not surprising that these garments are making a huge comeback. Modern materials, manufacturing and ergonomic designs have made the postpartum girdle a more lightweight and comfortable as compared to the rubber and latex versions of the past.

Why are Postpartum Girdles becoming popular again?

Girdle manufacturers say that there are many benefits to wearing their products.

  • Since it wraps around the abdomen, the postpartum girdle helps provide back support. This is said to ease some of the discomfort that often comes after delivery and from carrying your newborn during the day. Back and abdominal support is said to lead to better posture.
  • Some women have reported that wearing an abdominal wrap can help strengthen core muscle groups as a result of flexing the stomach while wearing the garment.
  • Some of the garments are FDA approved as medical devices which aid in recovery after delivery. This is especially true for post Caesarian deliveries where a postpartum girdle can be a critical aid in body stabilization and support.

Help getting your figure back.

By far, the most common reason for the meteoric rise in popularity of the modern postpartum girdle is to aid in getting back into shape. Many women say that getting their figure back after the second child is much tougher than after the first. Girdle makers claim that their products assist in allowing organs to find their correct orientation after being displaced during pregnancy. As a result, the body is able to return to pre pregnancy tone more quickly. Coupled with the shaping and contouring action of the girdle, it creates an environment that’s conducive to getting back into shape and feeling better in clothing.

Modern Girdles

Contemporary postpartum girdles use Lycra spandex and interwoven nylon. This combination has made them more comfortable than ever before. As a result, the girdle of the new millennium supports just as well as the ones made from stiffer and heavier materials of the past. These days, girdles come in light, medium and firm control classifications. Control is achieved by varying the thickness or weight of material, or the paneling of the girdle. A light control girdle will have a fewer number of panels where the fabric has been doubled or tripled to give more control and contour. Although some may still contain zippers and boning, most are pull-on and are very light weight.


Postpartum Girdle will Help You Get your Curves back quick


Postpartum girdle is something you should and must wear after giving birth for quickly shrinking back your tummy. It is increasing in popularity as many woman want to use any and everything to get their figures back after having a baby. There are several benefits wearing a postpartum girdle, including the back support it gives, assisting you in getting back into shape and regain your pre-pregnancy figure.

As the postpartum girdle is worn around the abdominal area, it supports the back very well. It will in some cases also help with posture and once you get used to wearing it can help with core muscle strengthening by keeping your abdominal muscles clenched while wearing it. The creators of these postpartum girdles have claimed that their use will assist displaced organs into finding their rightful places and of course putting pressure on the Uterus. This in turn will assist the body in getting back to its normal tone quicker.

The recovery from a cesarean section can be lengthy and uncomfortable. For many new mothers it can be a frustrating time as they find it difficult to carry their new baby around or to get on with general tasks in the home. Wearing a postpartum girdle helps to support the back and abdominal muscles, reducing discomfort, making lifting easier and assisting the healing process. Giving support to the muscles which surround the site of the incision with a postpartum girdle can reduce pain, enabling the wearer to be more mobile which in itself makes recovery faster. Lakefront Residences

There are a lot of women who have worn a postpartum girdle and report that they have regained their figure and a flat stomach very quickly. As any mother will tell you it is usually more difficult to get back into shape after your second child than after your first, so this does suggest that there are some genuine beneficial effects from wearing a postpartum girdle.

As many women who have been through pregnancies before are well aware, the shape of the female body is bound to change after giving birth. More specifically, the internal organs will be moved and muscles located in a woman’s abdomen are forced to stretch significantly in order to allow ample room for the baby to develop and grow in size. Of course, the belly will retract after labor, but in a lot of cases, those stretched abdomen muscles will not automatically return to their previous form. Rather, there may be some amount of sagging and/or stretched skin in the stomach area.


Background and Reasons for Wearing Support

Belly bandit postpartum girdle

Depending on where in the world you live, the concept of a postpartum girdle may sound either old-fashioned or rather current. In decades past, it was very typical for a new mother in the United States to utilize a postpartum girdle after giving birth to help minimize the problem of the sagging abdomen. To a certain extent, this practice of utilizing some form of abdominal binding is making a comeback as women seek to regain their shape after birth in whatever methods are available.

A postpartum girdle, or abdominal binding, is essentially a wrap that is fitted around the stomach for the purpose of flattening the belly. This device is especially popular among women who have recently gone through labor because the wrap is advertised not only as a good way to get rid of that sagging abdomen, it is also supposedly designed to help move the internal organs back to their original positions and to reduce the size of the enlarged uterus to its pre-pregnancy shape.

Furthermore, some women who might not even have problems with sagging stomachs after childbirth might be drawn to using the belly wrap as a way to reduces pains, aches and general discomfort in the body, and to add some extra support for the back after so much time carrying the extra weight of the new baby.

Do Postpartum Girdles Actually Work?

While some women might swear by the abdominal bindings, the reality is that it is nearly impossible to declare these products as definitely effective – or not. There is certainly no shortage of anecdotal evidence to suggest that there appears to be a noticeable correlation between people who use a postpartum girdle and the length of time before they see an improvement in the flatness of their bellies, but the problem is that it is unavoidably anecdotal.

Because no two bodies are exactly the same, there is no real scientific way to test the effectiveness of the girdle against a control group. Genetics is, of course, the primary determining factor when it comes to body behavior and how fast or slow muscles and organs will expand, move, or retract. It’s easy to point to a girdle using woman and note that she returned to form faster than the woman down the street who did not use a girdle, but there is no way to know whether this might have been the case if the situation were reversed.

Furthermore, if one woman experiences different results from one birth using a postpartum girdle and another birth not using one, this is an equally inconclusive scenario because bodies do not get back into shape at the same rates with every instance of labor.

How to Get the Best Results from Your Girdle


Although it might not be possible to assure results from any belly wrap, there are a few best practices to keep in mind for those considering using one. The following list includes some basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Consult a doctor or midwife before using a postpartum girdle
  • Once given the okay to use the girdle by a medical professional, begin wearing as soon as possible after the childbirth
  • For best results, continue wearing the wrap for at least a couple weeks after the birth. This will give the device enough time to apply pressure to the stomach area, and ideally this will lead to a flatter belly and minimum discomfort

Getting back into shape after childbirth can be a very difficult and frustrating process, so it is little wonder that various postpartum girdles and similar products have been in such demand over the years. One thing that is widely agreed upon is that this dilemma is one that ultimately comes down to genetics. Some women are fortunate and will have no problem regaining their figure after birth, while others will face a serious obstacle no matter what they do.

Naturally, eating healthy, low fat foods and exercising regularly will only help with this situation, but sometimes that simply is not enough. For some percentage of the female population, that in itself is reason enough to try using a product like the belly wrap.


Postpartum Shapewear

postpartum girdle reviews

Every new mother can attest to the frustration of leaving the hospital and returning to your pre-baby wardrobe only to find that nothing fits! Have you went into your closet and attempted to put on some of your old clothes only to find you couldn’t get the jeans to zip up or the shirts were just a little too snug?

If you’ve ever been stuck between the rock and hard place of not wanting to wear those dreaded maternity clothes and not being able to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes, then you understand the importance of finding a quick solution to this awful problem.  Below, I’m going to help you fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes and tell you three ways postpartum shapewear is the quickest way to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Women have been wearing postpartum shapewear for centuries, and although the name may vary: postpartum girdles, postpartum wraps, postpartum binders, postpartum waist cinchers, postpartum binders, belly binders and etc – the purpose of a postpartum garment is the same, helping new mothers regain their pre-baby bodies quickly and easily without extreme dieting or spending countless hours in the gym. One of the best benefits of postpartum garments is that they can usually be worn soon after delivery and you don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks to begin seeing results. The benefits of wearing a postpartum garment include:


1) Accelerated weight loss: quality postpartum garments you will immediately see a reduced weight line thanks to its ability to compress your waistline and cause perspiration, both beneficial in helping you fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Postpartum garments lift and tuck the body in all the right places. Many women report feeling fuller faster while wearing postpartum shapewear and a greater reduction of weight than women who did not wear postpartum shapewear. The Squeem is one of the most popular postpartum garments known for its ability to accelerate postpartum weight loss.

2) Promotes quick postpartum recovery: (always consult with your doctor) women who wear postpartum shapewear have also reported feeling like their old selves again quicker than women who did not wear a postpartum garment of any kind.

3) Instant results: as soon as you put on a high quality postpartum garment you will see immediate results and feel much better about yourself. As a new mother, there’s nothing better than a boost to your self-esteem and body image.  Postpartum shapewear is one thing most new mothers can do immediately after birth to assist their bodies in shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy state.


Experience New Changes in your body with Postpartum Shapewear


Body shapers are useful for numbers of reasons which are known by every woman in this world. But there are some more positive facts about the product which you don’t know and will force you to bring this body shaper quickly in your wardrobe. Let’s have a look. Who doesn’t want to look smart, slim and stylish on special occasions? I know every woman wants this. There are many events occurred instantly in our life and we got to know about these one or two weeks before its arrival. You cannot do exercise few days earlier but you can do one thing i.e. to have postpartum shapewear.

You can attend any party whether its reunion, marriage ceremony, birthday party, prom night or dates, you can get ultimate new change in your personality by wearing out postpartum shapewear. This body shaper is loaded with all those traits and features which a woman wishes for. On this upcoming grand event, I know you will never miss to wear this brand’s body shaper which is easily available at affordable prices. You can enjoy more than one hour function with ease and comfort. It will enhance your body curves and will help you to have better shape. Isn’t it the body shaper you want the most?

Body shapers are not only helpful to keep you fit and smart all the time but also it can keep your posture in a right position. Many women used to walk weirdly. That’s why, they have to go through back problem, uterus problem, joints problem and many more. You can get rid of this problem by having postpartum shapewear. This body shaper will make your posture corrected. It will turn the poor condition of your whole body structure into superb one and you will definitely like to see this new look and change. This body shaper is made for not only enhancing your body structure but also it is good enough to fix your poor posture up.

After pregnancy, you come in trouble to see extra skin in your body. You wish to cut the body slabs but you cannot do this because you are helpless. Having a baby is blessings of God but getting ugly looked body gives you fuming signals that now you have to do something for you. Postpartum shapewear is the right decision which you can take for yourself. Through this shaper, you can conceal your fatty slabs as well as you can enjoy yours after pregnancy life with utmost comfort and ease.

It’s just about one piece of fabric, which can bring several positive advantages for your body. You can freely lift your breasts up, can walk in a right posture, can keep your back straight and can hide your body fats within few minutes. It’s possible because of postpartum shapewear, which tones up your body in a better way. Always consider this source to reshape your body because this body shaper is designed perfectly and which gives graceful look to your body at times, when you need to attend immediate basis program.

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