Best pregnancy dos and dont’s tips


If you’re expecting, you probably have a lot of questions, not the least of which is how you can keep yourself and your unborn baby healthy. There are a lot of things you can do to help the two of you, but here are five Best pregnancy dos and dont’s


Get Prenatal Care


Once you find out that you’re pregnant, your doctor will want to see you a lot – once a month for the first seven months of your pregnancy, twice a month for the next two months, then once a week until you deliver. This may seem like overkill, but it’s not. Because here is where you will learn the pregnancy dos and dont’s especially if you ar a new mom.

If your baby isn’t growing right and you don’t get medical attention, you can miscarry or have complications hence the importance of knowing these best pregnancy dos and dont’s.


Eat Right



Going on a diet while pregnant isn’t a good idea, but neither is eating more than necessary. Yes, you’re going to have to consume more calories than before, but overeating and gaining too much weight isn’t good for you or your baby.


Know What to Avoid


It’s common knowledge that smoking and drinking while pregnant can be bad for your baby, but there are other things you have to watch out for, too. Caffeine, many kinds of medications, many seafood and cheeses are also bad. As these recommendations often change, you should ask your doctor for a full list of things to avoid.


Take Care of Your Teeth


Having periodontitis, or gum disease, could increase your risk of going into labor prematurely. Often, pregnant women find their teeth more sensitive so it is better to avoid elective dentistry such as teeth whitening





Everyone knows that pregnancy exercising can keep your weight down, but did you know it can help keep your baby’s weight up to a healthy level? Babies that have a low birth weight are more likely to get strokes and heart disease later in life. Staying fit can also help you decrease the chance of getting preeclampsia and having a premature baby.


You might feel like keeping yourself and your unborn baby healthy is overwhelming, but just remember that as long as you get prenatal care, you’ll have a medical professional looking after both of you. Just follow your doctor’s pregnancy dos and dont’s advice to keep yourself and your baby healthy.


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  1. Great info! It’s good to have a simple and easy list! Too much information can make first time moms panic! As for me, baby #5 on the way, this is a great reminder.. Thanks for linking up with #GlobalBlogging, hope to see you next week! xx #GlobalBlogging


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